Thunderclap Productions

DEATH THE MUSICAL reportedly had a great run this weekend at Ovations (in The Village). No reviews yet, but we’d like to have some before upcoming performances: October 13, 14, 15 and 20, 21, and 22! With a special show on Halloween night!

One response to “Thunderclap Productions

  1. Justin Baker

    My girlfriend and I were seated in the first row of table just right of center stage. The 4 actors each played many various roles in the 30 skits that comprised the play with costume changes, a few props and a very spirited pianist – who does not seem to care for cell phones ringing. The skits had the small but enthusiastic crowd laughing out loud and wondering what was next. The subject matter was (obviously) a running joke about death and the various ways in can occur. My favorite aspect was the very sharp character changes that the 4 actors pulled off very well. The audience chuckled through the likes of a 50’s sitcom family, sparring gay soldiers, various manipulations of religious themes, and my personal favorite – the Angel of Death portrayed as an elderly Jewish New Yorker (think Miracle Max from The Princess Bride). The venue was very small and cozy, and let’s not forget the full bar available. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks to Thunderclap Productions. We have told all our friends! I highly recommend anyone to stop in to Ovations for Death, The Musical!

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